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Why we need marketplace ministry: a unique fit

A Unique Fit

 Making the most of opportunity is key in business, this trait is a precursor to success.  The ability to consistently make good decisions produces profit and longevity in your career, so how do you make decisions in your business?  One of the things that I consider when making decisions is the ROI.  The return on investment helps me identify the good from the great deals.  It shows me where the opportunity lies and how to maximize the resources I have.  Marketplace ministry identifies the opportunity to reach people for Jesus at our work and to develop the character of a Christian in our behavior and attitudes in the place that we spend a great deal of time in. It is a unique fit to meet the need we see in the workplace.  

Marketplace ministry provides people with the tools and training they need to make a difference for God in their jobs. In most churches there is children’s ministry maybe even youth ministry.  The strength of these is that the teaching and application is designed for a unique season of life that accounts for the challenges and identifies ways to grow. Marketplace ministry meets that same need.  In the workplace there are unique challenges and obstacles yet the Bible speaks to all of them. If you need help applying the word of God at work then marketplace ministry is for you!  

There are more unsaved people at your job than at your church.

The stats are in, more people go to work than go to church. This means there is a greater chance of reaching people that don’t know Jesus at your office than at your church. There is nothing more important than the gift of knowing the Lord and spending eternity with HimWe get to partner with God in this eternal mission of winning soulsThe bible helps us to redefine our priorities when it comes to what matters most in lifeThis verse helps us to re-focus our purpose and meaning in our occupation. 

"For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?"

Discipleship happens at work too

Marketplace ministry was instrumental in helping me to think differently about what I do at workThere are many misconceptions about how we can integrate our faith at work, too often we can focus on limitations and obstacles but this thought was a breakthrough idea and has been such a positive for my company: 


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