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The Best Team Leaders know Vision and How to Lead it.

The Best Team Leaders Know Vision and How to Lead it

A team is made up of different members who each play an important role. The role of team leader is vital to the success of a team. The leader must possess a set of skills that enables them to put the rest of the team in a position to succeed. One of the chief responsibilities of a leader is to communicate the vision consistently, creatively, and with clarity. Great vision precedes great accomplishment. Vision derives purpose, boundaries, measurable goals, and wins. The bible makes this statement about the power of vision as it pertains to a team: 

"When there’s no vision, the people get out of control, but whoever obeys instruction is happy."

Clear and distinct leaders, lead with confidence and consistency. Team Leaders are guided by values, driven by purpose, and obsessed with mission. You’ll find that centered leaders are grounded, aware, secure, and consistent.  

Components of a Vision a Team Leader Can Bring

Morality and Ethics Bring Integrity to the Vision.

Team Leaders build a system, structure and culture that is honestHonesty is an underutilized way to create securityIt removes ambiguity and creates trust. Let your word be something that can be counted on.  

Ownership of the Vision Brings Passion.

When you give someone a part of the vision to own they become stakeholdersThis promotes responsibility, empowerment, and accountability. How can you give someone more ownership on your team? 

Strategy Brings Order to the Vision.

When considering the way to accomplish a goal, there are typically a number of ways to approach that challenge.  Some methods will be more effective than others. What is your strategy and why did you pick it? What are the signs that a strategy is working? 

Consistency Brings Life, Momentum and Creativity to the Vision.

Have you ever been a part of a team where the goal keeps changing? There is nothing more frustrating or momentum killing than a constant change in direction or emphasisConsistent values and goals provide a safe lane to run in.  Change can be good and can spark momentum if used sparingly. However, too much change causes disorientation and confusion. 

[As a leader] It’s not what you do occasionally that makes your organization successful. It’s what you do consistently.

Stories Bring Relationship to the Vision.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to communicate a visionIt creates emotion bonds and powerfully displays the role of purpose in a person’s life. Storytelling takes facts and figures and transforms them into an emotional context that wins people’s hearts, motivation and energy. Unlike other methods of motivation, storytelling allows people to decide for themselves which is a key to effective influencing. Great Team Leaders find new and refreshing ways to connect the vision to meaningful life experiences. 

Challenge Brings Resilience to the Vision.

No matter how good the vision is, it will often be testedObstacles and challenges will present themselvesHowever, the great strength of a team is revealed in times of trial, Character and perseverance are forged in these times and if managed well will serve to strengthen your team for the long haul. 


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