Seeds are Powerful Investments that God Designed for Increase

Seeds Are Powerful

The idea of a seed is a good one when it comes to investing.  The power of a seed cannot be understated.  Though it is small in size it contains unlimited potential, with the ability to produce something that will continue to produce over time.  This is the method that God saw fit to be the agent of increase when he created the world.  Business is the way that we seek to create increase in life.  Any business that does not increase or is not profitable -typically fails.  


When it comes to investing, everyone has a seed. We all have the ability to create profit. Do not underestimate the power of whatever you have to invest.  Our investment could be financial, it could also be in time or expertise.  When we plant or invest the seed’s potential is released. Let me explain: 

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In order for the power of the seed to be released.  It must be planted.  The investment into the ground is what releases it’s power.  Dr. Myles Munroe says it this way: 

“Wealth that is not used for anything serves no purpose.”

In business, the earliest stage of a venture requires “seed money.”  This is because the journey of the investment will have great potential for increase but the seed is needed to start the process, much like a natural seed.  The seed money is given in exchange for a stake in the company giving the investor a level of ownership.  The level of its success will depend on a number of factors; however, there is not one factor that is more important than the soil.  The environment our investment is placed matters.   

Finding Great Soil

The are many places we can invest.  The determination of a ‘good’ investment is made when we see the returns (or using this analogy – the harvest.)  Our goal in investing is to produce more than what we start with.  We can optimize these results by investing in the right environment.  In Matthew 13 there is a story that Jesus tells about seeds.  In the story the seeds land in various conditions, some rocky, some shallow, some that were over competitive (with weeds) but the ones that did the best landed in fertile soil.  I have found that the best environment and most fertile place for me to invest is in the kingdom of God, the impact and return has often been miraculous and eternal. This is a principle that can be found in the conclusion of the seed story in Matthew: 

"Here is another of his illustrations: “The Kingdom of Heaven is like a tiny mustard seed planted in a field. It is the smallest of all seeds but becomes the largest of plants, and grows into a tree where birds can come and find shelter.”

In this example the seed produces a large result that contains the infrastructure to provide protection and safety for others. It is difficult to find a guaranteed winner every time when it comes to investing however something that remains consistently true is The power of the seed in the right soil yields exponential returns. 


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