Quick & Decisive

The game of pickleball requires you to be mentally and physically quick to keep the pace on the court. The greatest pickleball players are quick and decisive in their play, and this strategy is often seen in business as well.
In business, we often have to process information quickly to make swift decisions. When we are slow to make decisions, we can become a bottleneck, stopping the progress of our teams.
Do you find yourself being too indecisive?
Has your decision making slowed down because of over analyzing or overthinking?
We call this paralysis by analysis – when one overanalyzes or over thinks a situation, causing forward motion or decision-making to become paralyzed.
Although taking time to research or consulting others to make an informed decision can be helpful, taking too long can cause missed opportunities.

Here are some helpful ways to process information to make quick decisions:

I like to filter through an embedded value system in my way of thinking. This system consists of a moral, ethical, and philosophical approach of how I want to do business.
After running the information through this filter, quickly checking off those boxes, I pray about it, and move forward.
As a business-minded individual that wants to operate in the supernatural, I believe it is essential for us to process information through a filter that lines up with God’s way of doing business.
Lastly, supernatural businesspeople are quick to forgive and release bitterness. When we hold onto bitterness or unforgiveness, it prohibits your company from operating in the supernatural. Be quick to forgive, move forward, and watch your business become supernatural.



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