How to Level up your Plans: Planning for Success

Wisdom to Level up Your Plans

One of the things that improve with advice, is planning.  Plans are key to all organizations.  In my industry, everything begins and succeeds based on a plan; a blueprint.  For any entrepreneur, it all starts with a business plan. Even sports teams have a playbook. Without planning, goals, or strategy a business is destined to fail.  I’m sure you have heard the phrase “If you fail to plan you plan to fail.” 


I have made my fair share of mistakes but one thing I will advocate for is having trusted advisors help me.  These are people that have my best interests at heart, and who are able to speak candidly and honestly with me. They have valuable experiences and skills that I don’t possess, I have learned that different perspectives can be valuable to a decision-maker.  They can really help you out. In fact, I am convinced that sometimes God puts the advice you need in other people. Proverbs, the book of wisdom says this: 

"Plans go wrong for lack of advice; many advisers bring success."

"Without consultation and wise advice, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors, they are established and succeed."

The character of Jesus is to be a help to us.  In Isaiah, He is called a “Wonderful Counselor.” His Spirit is introduced to us as the “Helper.” I know that God wants to help you plan for success in your business. Where do you need help planning?  Where would your plans improve if you allowed the wisdom of God into your strategy meeting?   



The notion of finding advisors to help us is not foreign to business.  In the United States, management consulting is a $2 Billion industry.  The burden of trying to lead a business on your own can be heavy.  These are some scriptures that helped me whenever I needed help to make a plan.     


God is our greatest helper. He has also used people in my life to help me in each of these ways: 

  • Streamlined systems and effectiveness 
  • Made me aware of blind spots 
  • Solved a problem 
  • Provided recommendations 
  • Confirmed a course of action through consensus 
  • Learned from their experiences, and provided information that I didn’t have 

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