The Best Business lessons I learned from Pickleball

Pickleball & Business

Have you ever had a great business idea when you were doing something? I’m talking about a great strategy that just grabs you when you weren’t expecting it. It’s amazing how a solution can suddenly present itself, or a moment of clarity suddenly hits you.   

I had a moment just like that the other day.  

It got me thinking about how many ways God can get our attention or drop a new idea into our minds. 

Over the past couple years, I got into pickleball, and it’s become one of my favorite activities to play all year round. 

Last week, I watched a pickleball tournament with some of the greatest players in our area. It got me thinking, the same principles and practices that makes these players great at pickleball, correlate with success in business. 

  1. You must be quick and decisive in your play. Decisiveness often reduces errors and reduces missed opportunities. 
  2. Being prepared and ready always gave the best opportunity for success. 
  3. Doing what you love and having passion for the game lays the groundwork for success. 

Have you tried pickleball? …Can you see how it can relate to business? What’s your passion? Could God be speaking to you through it?  

Follow along with me this month as I unpack my thoughts on this topic of pickleball and business! 

I challenge you this week to be open to God speaking to you through a passion of yours. I am praying for supernatural business thoughts and ideas for you.


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