You have the Opportunity to be an Ambassador

Seeing the Opportunity

What does it really mean to be Christian in the marketplace? Wherever you work, you are presented with a unique opportunity to expand the kingdom of God through the gospel.  The ways to do this are as varied as the number of jobs available in the world.  We can do this in many ways; by building meaningful relationships, sharing our faith, living a life that is a good example or releasing money to be used for kingdom purposes are a few.  

The way we think, live and act impacts individuals, families and communities. Our relationship with the Lord has the power to overflow into our everyday lives and when it does we have the opportunity to make an eternal difference.  Jesus expresses the difference we can make with His final words:   

Jesus, undeterred, went right ahead and gave his charge: “God authorized and commanded me to commission you: Go out and train everyone you meet, far and near, in this way of life, marking them by baptism in the threefold name: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Then instruct them in the practice of all I have commanded you. I’ll be with you as you do this, day after day after day, right up to the end of the age.”  

Matthew 28:19-20 MSG 

The Work Behind the Work

After meeting Jesus, the twelve apostles left their fishing nets behind (Luke 5:11). However, later on, we see them return to their trade of fishing. Similarly, Paul continued to work as a tent maker even as he spread the gospel as an evangelist. These were not men who abandoned their “secular work” or reduced their intensity and passion after encountering Christ. Rather, their relationship to their work was forever transformed. Jesus gave them a bigger perspective, as he himself was the focal point. He deliberately summoned them to a different kind of fishing, one that went beyond catching fish: “Don’t be afraid; from now on you will fish for people” (Luke 5:11). He gave them a life description that went beyond their job description. In other words, he was coming to restore and heal the world, and he invited his disciples to join him in this project. We have also been invited into this plan, there is a job behind your job. 

When we know our life description, it gives meaning to our job description. With this in mind, we approach our work in a different way.   A way that has meaning and eternal significance.  


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