Marketplace Ministry

Answers to the most commonly asked questions about Marketplace Ministry...

What is a Marketplace Ministry?

Let’s take the two words and separate them to get a better understanding…

The marketplace refers to the place you go to work every day. It is where we spend a good portion of our time and effort, where goods that are needed for life are bought and exchanged, and it’s where relationships are formed. Ultimately, the marketplace is where a large part of the population do not know Jesus and has the greatest potential to grow the Kingdom of God.  

The word ministry is to serve, to help, to equip, and to add value too.

When you put the two words together, marketplace ministry is essentially equipping people to put the bible into practice in their job. This will result in businesspeople becoming supernaturally successful and the strongest witnesses for Jesus Christ in their arena.

What is the value of a Marketplace Ministry?

Your business and your work are important to God. Jesus spent most of His adult life in the marketplace; He was a small business owner and so were His 12-disciples.

Marketplace ministries keep the church and its businesspeople connected. It grows the faith of a businessperson as they are trained to live out the scriptures in their job and business. It encourages them to be an example of Christ, positioning them to win their sphere of influence for Jesus Christ. This kingdom mindset adds value to the businessperson and will bring the potential for supernatural success, which is a platform to honor God.

Why is it important to have a Marketplace Ministry in your church?

The majority of church attendees are in the marketplace at some level. Just as children or youth ministries provide tools, teaching, and support for the young people to grow in the Lord, Marketplace Ministry equips and trains business owners, managers, executives, and members of the workforce to minister in the marketplace.

Marketplace ministry is a way to disciple businesspeople in the church to put into practice on Monday what they learned on Sunday. The church is the equipping center, the marketplace is the mission field!

Matthew 24:14 says, “And this gospel of the kingdom will be preached in the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.” Without the marketplace we will not be able to advance the Kingdom of God. We can reach the world together when the Church and the marketplace partner together, seeing many people come to know Jesus as a direct result.

How do I start a Marketplace Ministry?

Step 1: Marketplace Manifesto

Start taking steps today to establish a Marketplace Ministry in your local church with the help of Thrive Teaching’s free resources. First step is to download the Marketplace Manifesto, our step-by-step manual that lays out the blueprint on how to start your very own Marketplace Ministry in your local church.

Marketplace Ministry Manifesto

Marketplace Manifesto Booklet

Step 2: Connect with our Team!

We want to partner with you! Our team is available to assist you, and your church, as you embark on establishing a Marketplace Ministry. Connect with us so we can hear your story, answer your questions, and ultimately help your church start their new Marketplace Ministry!

Step 3: Marketplace Groups

Once you’ve rolled out your Marketplace Ministry, now it’s time to launch marketplace centered small groups for the businesspeople in your church. Utilize our free group downloads or books study to build your groups. This is covered in more detail in the Marketplace Manifesto Manual.

Our desire is that you would take these tools “to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ,” in the marketplace (Ephesians 4:12 ESV). We want you to Thrive in your calling in the business world and impact the culture of the marketplace for the Kingdom of God!

Start a Book Study

Supernatural Business Study Guide

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