Finding Honor in the Marketplace

Finding Honor

I want to show you how the concept of Honor has been a key in my success. It is something that is becoming less common and harder to find in our culture. 

Dishonor is everywhere but it is a bad business strategy and damages relationships quickly. 

Honor is a distinctive quality that should run through our workplaces. Its presence moves through all levels of people in our businesses and it should be something we strive for. 

But what is honor?

Honor is more easily described than defined but at the heart of its meaning you will find the idea of ‘value.’ Some definitions include, to show great esteem, to give worth and value, to acknowledge and commend, to compliment, give praise, glorify and celebrate. 

The fastest way to make something valuable is to honor it. 

Honor is a bit like a key, it has the power to unlock potential, profit and promises.

Honor can restrict or release. In the bible the only one of the 10 commandments that comes with a promise is about honor –  

 “Honor your father and mother,” which is the first commandment with promise:  “that it may be well with you and you may live long on the earth.”

It is surprising that this makes the top 10 right? Scholars believe it was included because Honor needs to be learned at a young age because the consequences of dishonor get more and more severe as you get older.  

What would you be willing to pay to know… “that it may be well with you?”

The great thing is we can start to Honor today. That is one of the distinctives of honor – it initiates.   

Honor starts with you and it is something that you chose to give. It’s an act of generosity. 

Honor is what you decide, not what they deserve.

You can honor someone by verbally praising or recognizing them. You can honor your boss by being on time to work. You can honor the contract by being thorough.You can find ways to honor in your speech, in your actions, even in your attitude.

Think of honor as a currency that you can start using to add value to your family, your employees or your clients.

What are ways that you can operate with honor today? Are there habits that you need to rethink with honor in mind? 

Finding Honor in your prayer time? Download our scripture card on Honor.


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