Eliminating Hurry

Let’s talk about eliminating hurry and creating more margin in our lives.

Jesus is the greatest example of living a life not in hurry.

He was always on the move, but he never ran – he walked. Jesus walked slowly through the crowd on his way to perform a miracle, and his pace allowed the woman with the issue of blood to touch the hem of his garment healing her (Mark 5:24-34)

By slowing down our pace and eliminating the things that are nonessential, we create margin allowing ourselves to be more available for God and people.

You can’t be in a hurry and hear God at the same time. When we slow down, we can hear from God.

For example, I was having a slower morning than most and had this feeling that I needed to bring my dog, Peggy, to work that morning. It had been months since I had brought Peggy with me to work, but I had a strong feeling that morning that I needed to bring her to the office.

When we walked in the door, she immediately ran to the receptionist and started licking her face. I realized the receptionist was crying and she said to me, “Mike, I don’t know how you knew this, but this is just what I needed. Last night we had to put our dog down.” 

Because I slowed down that morning and wasn’t in a hurry, I sensed something, acted on it, and it impacted someone else’s life.

What is your pace of life right now? Are you moving too fast that you’re missing the needs of others?


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Hurry doesn’t just make you weary. It is the great enemy of your spiritual life. In The Ruthless Elimination of Hurry, John Mark Comer provides four down-to-earth practices for staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive: 1) Silence and solitude 2) Sabbath 3) simplicity 4) slowing. It’s the unhurried Way of Jesus.

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