Decision Speed and Its Effect on Outcomes

Measure Twice, Cut Once

In my industry, there is a saying: “Measure twice, cut once.” It is a saying that protects the worker from making costly mistakes in the name of speed or efficiency. Taking an extra step to be sure of the measurements helps to ensure that the right outcome is reached.   The same motto can be applied to decision-making.  Have you ever felt the pressure to make quick decisions, move forward and get to the next thing?  With experience, it is possible to make good decisions, efficiently and accurately. As we become more proficient and skilled in our work, we can bat a pretty good average in these day-to-day decisions.  However, when it comes to bigger decisions, SLOW DOWN. 


The book of Proverbs offers us this wisdom when it comes to making decisions: 

Proverbs 21:5

"Good planning and hard work lead to prosperity, but hasty shortcuts lead to poverty."

"Brilliant Ideas pay off and bring you prosperity, but making hasty, impatient decisions will lead to financial loss."

"The plans of the diligent lead surely to abundance and advantage, But everyone who acts in haste comes surely to poverty."

The word “Hasty” is defined by the dictionary as: 

acting with excessive speed or insufficient consideration. 


I have found that having a process in decision-making has enabled me to make more right decisions than wrong ones.  Supernatural business is a lifestyle that welcomes God into that process. 


Prayerfulness is a built-in safeguard against making hasty decisions.  Prayer builds in a method of consideration. It allows a decision to enter a process.  Like a photograph that needs time to develop, prayer becomes the perfect environment to let the picture become clear and the vision fully developed.  Through prayer and listening for the confirmation of God, I have been given credit for wisdom in navigating problems, contracts, and making accurate big decisions.  The truth is God really deserves the credit.  When I bring God into the process, He has been faithful to reveal the way forward. 


If you need help to start bringing God into your decision-making process, I encourage you firstly to invite him to lead and guide you in the process. Invite Him in through prayer. Secondly, I created this card to help me focus on God’s desire to help us – you can download it for free here. 

“God does not have secrets from us; He has secrets for us.”


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    Thanks for this reminder. Some times I can get anxious and rush decisions to get them over with. Sometimes it’s wise to wait.

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