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Is Marketplace Ministry A Church or Work “Thing?”

Question: Is Marketplace Ministry a Church Thing or a Work Thing? Answer: Yes

They need each other. 

Marketplace ministry is a supernatural connection between the church and the office and they are able to serve each other in multiple ways. Both places benefit from a thriving marketplace ministry. There is sometimes a temptation to see marketplace ministry one dimensionally and that it is expressed in only one of these venues.  The true strength of marketplace ministry is discovered when the two work in unity together. 


When marketplace ministry is done effectively, God is glorified in the church and in the workplace and life is poured into each institution.  Both the church and the office benefit from this connection. It is a unifying of two of the most important areas of our lives. 


There are plenty of misconceptions that don’t see marketplace ministry as a whole, rather only in one of these arenas.  The temptation can be to see it as a ‘church thing’ or just a ‘work thing.’  It’s like asking which side of a coin is more valuable?  They both are needed for the coin to have value.  

How the Church Serves

The church serves businesses by equipping and encouraging people to be ambassadors to the workplaceIt is a training center where you can find a community of faith that help remind you of your purpose and calling in God.  A church community is a continual source of strength in regards to prayer, encouragement and accountability. Ephesians 4 makes this connection clear that the benefit of church leadership is to equip people to do the work of serving the people in their sphere of influence. 

And he gave the apostles, the prophets, the evangelists, the shepherds and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of ministry, for building up the body of Christ. 

How the Marketplace Serves

The marketplace is vital to the church alsoA thriving business professional will be influential in their worldIt is the greatest opportunity to meet people who are not saved and have a personal relationship with the LordIn this way we have access to the greatest mission field in the world.  The field not only provides the opportunity to win people but also to release resources.  Successful, thriving businesses are profitableThis allows the marketplace to pour into the church through finances, services and other provision 

A Pastor’s Perspective

Pastor Jude Fouquier speaks on the value of marketplace ministry: 


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