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What Our Students Have to Say

I have been in business now for about 13 years but my business has really began to thrive in the last couple of years. I believe that there is a direct correlation between what is happening with my business and the lessons that I've learned through the Thrive. My business has always been relatively successful since I've started but when I really started focusing on giving then my business began to go to an entirely different level. I can attribute my growth and see that the more that I gave to God's ministry the quicker my business began to grow. In the last 2 years. My business started to grow by leaps and bounds. This year we became one of the primary contractors in California for a billion dollar company. This company produces more electric vehicles then any other company in the world. We have since built North America's largest super charging station for electric vehicles and are currently wrapping up the largest electric vehicle super charging station ever built in the world.
Elisha Elder
From California, USA