Over 10 years of Marketplace Ministry folded into programs just for you.

About Thrive

Thrive is a collection of resources – our “Marketplace-in-a-box” – created with the purpose of helping pastors & leaders realize the maximum potential of their businesspeople in the marketplace. We believe your ministry is where your influence is and that God calls us to use this influence to impact those around us, including the people we work with.

The goal of Thrive is to provide tools to help pastors, and ministry leaders, as they help their businesspeople increase their sphere influence within their calling. This is done through empowering the businesspeople within the church, as they discover new opportunities to use their unique influence to impact others for Christ in the marketplace.

As you use these resources, we believe you will experience supernatural growth and see miracles unfold in your church, your businesspeople, and the marketplace.

Letter from the Founders

After years of ministry, both local and abroad, God put it on our hearts to reach in a greater, more intentional fashion other business-minded people who have a passion for His kingdom.

We have created this website to equip you with all we have learned and continue to learn about business and balancing priorities, and winning those for Jesus. Our heart is that you grow and THRIVE in every arena of your life. We believe you can influence your circle for Christ, while also discovering the true purpose of prosperity, which is to build the local church and the Kingdom of God through funding the Great Commission. We hope this website, and the tools you find within, will be a “cheat sheet” for you to implement in your life and share with others.

We are praying and believing for supernatural success for you, your career, and those around you.

Much Love,

Mike & Janet Rovner