Welcome pastor

Dear Pastor,

We are so glad you are here; we have been praying for you. Thank you for playing such a vital role in the kingdom of God. Our desire is to see you Thrive and enjoy your calling. We believe God has a great purpose for you and your church.

At Thrive we want to help you. Specifically, we want to help you to release people who are anointed and called to business. There are miracles sitting in your church who could well be the answer to your prayers. We have found that by discipling and activating these people in their calling, the church has been supernaturally blessed.


We want to help you open the gift that God has sent you. One of the most effective ways we have seen this happen is by establishing a marketplace ministry in your church.  This looks different in each local church expression, however, one thing that remains a staple of great success is small groups. As a result, we have created free group curriculum for you to use.

Just as children’s or youth ministries provide tools, teaching, and support for the young people to grow in the Lord, The Marketplace equips and trains business owners, managers, executives, and members of the workforce to minister in the marketplace. It encourages them to be an example of Christ, positioning them to win their sphere of influence for Jesus Christ.

Many believe the next great revival will take place in the marketplace.

We believe that there is a massive opportunity to impact, influence and inspire people who attend your church, but spend most of their time in the workplace.  This is their pulpit and sphere to influence. Empowering your marketplace leaders produces resources and creates an environment for miracles.  We have seen God use these individuals to win souls, grow churches, and provide for church vision.

Thank you for answering the call to pastor people. We are cheering for your every success and would love to be a resource for you in establishing the kingdom of God.

Mike & The Thrive Team




The Marketplace Manifesto is the best place to get started.  This manual explains how to start and grow a marketplace ministry.

Supernatural Business Book

Supernatural Business will speak to your heart, challenge and inspire you. Mike Rovner, one of the top businessmen in California has spent a lifetime learning the keys of how God powerfully operates in the business world. This book is the product of everything God has taught him.

We’ve curated this collection of scriptures on faith to empower you. Meditate and confess these scriptures to build you up your faith through every season of life.